Design Leader and Practitioner

Harnessing Human Ingenuity

Design Thinking – It’s how I get things done.

Bringing individuals together to surface intrinsic knowledge to solve problems, fascinates me. Creating an environment and circumstance to allow a collision of ideas to address any issue is what we need right now.

With years of experience as a practitioner and design leader, I have had the opportunity to bring a Human Centered Design approach to a multitude of projects, products and teams.

On this site is a sampling of projects in my portfolio. Many more I am unable to share due to IP and proprietary restrictions. Please feel free to contact me for a deeper conversation about my work and how we can work together to harness the ingenuity of humans.

Human Centered Design

I have been utilizing HCD approaches and methodologies for over a decade. I have experience in both customer and employee experiences across phone, mobile, conversational, physical and face-to-face touch points. Seeing the magic of focusing on the customer and employee to gain insight, inspiration and innovation, has been transformational for my work and for the solutions developed.


Establishing a vision towards the goals set for the team, product or company is a strength. It comes from listening, understanding, then articulating through story telling and creating a roadmap on how to get to the target state. Creating a plan, developing a maturity model, establishing a pathway, providing repeatable empathy anchors… enables others to be able to support and advocate for the way forward.


Tackling big ideas is what I’m good at. Comfortable with ambiguity, able to see things in a new light, I’ve been able to generate meaningful solutions. I’ve been granted 6 patents recognizing my ability to spark on an inspiration, blend ideas from different technologies, and invent consumer facing solutions. Receiving patents over a period of several years is evidence of continued innovation. What problem can I help you with?