Innovation Leadership

As Director of Bank Innovation at USAA, I had the opportunity to introduce the sprint format, to help create momentum and an environment for generating new and innovative ideas, challenging business as usual thinking. Sharing how my team was organized, how the work was selected, how we worked utilizing design thinking process and a customizedContinue reading “Innovation Leadership”

Service Desk Journey Map

Working with my IT Service Desk partners, I conducted research to better understand what was impacting the employee experience while receiving technical help from the help desk. 8 – 10 interviews were conducted with employees of different levels, job types, locations and configurations. With this research complete, IT leadership realized they not only had difficultiesContinue reading “Service Desk Journey Map”

Employee Experience

Employee Experience is the red-headed step child for interaction design. My team was focused on elevating employee interactions to the same level as member or customer experiences. The gambit of experiences range from Human Resources to Security Protocols to physical environment to intranet and internal processes. Enabling individuals to attain autonomy, purpose, and mastery (asContinue reading “Employee Experience”

Design Environments

Design environments are key to enabling designers and the business to work together in an whole new way. When coworkers from another department come into a design studio for a meeting, or working session, they know they are in for something a little different. Ensuring designers have a space to externalize thoughts, onto black orContinue reading “Design Environments”

Mortgage Mobile Experience

Working with our Mortgage business partners, the Mortgage Experience Team developed the first ever mobile experience for Mortgage. As part of the overall mortgage experience, the mobile interaction was designed as part of a whole, utilizing the same context and process cues to the member as did the MSR conversation guide, the web application processContinue reading “Mortgage Mobile Experience”

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