Service Desk Journey Map

Working with my IT Service Desk partners, I conducted research to better understand what was impacting the employee experience while receiving technical help from the help desk. 8 – 10 interviews were conducted with employees of different levels, job types, locations and configurations. With this research complete, IT leadership realized they not only had difficulties delivering technical support, they also had an image problem, exacerbated by poor customer service. What was also discovered was, where the Service Desk felt their portion of support stopped, employees considered the entire process owned and operated by the Service Desk, employees not having any visibilty into handed off tickets to smaller, back end tech teams for full research and resolution.

Working with leadership, we were able to identify additional areas to focus on and prioritize, in addition to initiatives already slated by IT leadership. This pivotal research and journey map continues to influence the Service Desk strategy, years after conducted and communicated.

Published by Judy Cotter

Design professional eager to collaborate to solve problems using Human Centered Design. I've been facilitating for more than 20 years, utilizing Design Thinking to achieve great solutions from insights gleaned from users themselves. I love to solve problems. What puzzle can I help you solve? This is the space I choose to display some of the work I've done, making things for customers and how I went about it. Considerate, thoughtful, relevant, smart ideas.

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