Design Environments

Design environments are key to enabling designers and the business to work together in an whole new way. When coworkers from another department come into a design studio for a meeting, or working session, they know they are in for something a little different.

Ensuring designers have a space to externalize thoughts, onto black or white boards, enabling sharing of ideas, critique and collaboration. Comfy chairs for reading or contemplation, desk space or make space for heads down work. Working with employees to allow input into their space layout has been very important from a functional and effective work environment. I’ve had the opportunity to create several spaces that not only worked for day-to-day work spaces, but were able to convert into workshop space as needed. My current collaborative space is at the house; two white boards, one hidden behind bespoke artwork, to mask the existence of a white board in a home.

Photos: Great Service Design (GSD) Room / Bank Innovation; Larry / Mortgage Work Room; Home Collaborative Space

Published by Judy Cotter

Design professional eager to collaborate to solve problems using Human Centered Design. I've been facilitating for more than 20 years, utilizing Design Thinking to achieve great solutions from insights gleaned from users themselves. I love to solve problems. What puzzle can I help you solve? This is the space I choose to display some of the work I've done, making things for customers and how I went about it. Considerate, thoughtful, relevant, smart ideas.

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