Mortgage Mobile Experience

Working with our Mortgage business partners, the Mortgage Experience Team developed the first ever mobile experience for Mortgage. As part of the overall mortgage experience, the mobile interaction was designed as part of a whole, utilizing the same context and process cues to the member as did the MSR conversation guide, the web application process and the MSR processing internal system. Enabling members to check into the mortgage process on the fly, reduced overall time to close and made the experience much more immediate and transparent.

Published by Judy Cotter

Design professional eager to collaborate to solve problems using Human Centered Design. I've been facilitating for more than 20 years, utilizing Design Thinking to achieve great solutions from insights gleaned from users themselves. I love to solve problems. What puzzle can I help you solve? This is the space I choose to display some of the work I've done, making things for customers and how I went about it. Considerate, thoughtful, relevant, smart ideas.

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